Gut Well Soon

I am so excited to launch my new book, Gut Well Soon after what feels like years of research!

A practical guide to a healthier body and a happier mind, it explores the science behind all the latest ‘health’ claims and explains why gut bacteria is so crucial to our mental and physical health.

Read the press release on the launch and if you are interested in pre-ordering a copy, please visit this site.

Reset Your Gut

Because words are not enough,  I have also created Reset Your Gut, a personalised online course to show you how to get your gut back on track, naturally.

The 4-week and beyond course has been developed with nutritionists, doctors, dieticians, scientists, and chefs and is for anyone who wants to help their body overcome their mental and physical challenges.

The course includes individualised recipe plans, shopping lists and top tips on how to improve your lifestyle to help your gut get back on track. It can cater for any allergy, allergens or food preferences, from vegan, gluten free, to meat eating, pescatarian and more! Take a look at the site.

Check out and follow my Reset Your Gut pages.