Q: Why would you have chosen to see map health solutions rather than your GP?

My GP looks at it from a medical point of view rather than what’s going on with me in my personal life. He is also very busy whereas Catherine has taken the time to get to know me personally and to understand more about my situation. Georgina

Catherine is very easy to get on with, and I find it much easier to speak to a friendly face who isn’t an authority. Georgia

I felt that it was easier to talk to Catherine (who I know) than go to a GP that I don’t know. Donna

When I went to the GP, and I started to tell my story, it was too deep for them, and they couldn’t deal with me. But when I came here [to the group], I saw the other girls that had seen Catherine. They were really stressed beforehand, but once they’d come out of a session with Catherine, it was like a weight had been lifted off their shoulders. They all said how good it felt, so I decided to give it a go. Theresa

Because from working with Catherine, I’ve had to learn how to deal with the issues myself rather than be medicated. Anne-Marie

When working with Catherine, the atmosphere is far more friendly than at the GPs – you can’t have a laugh with the GP, but you can with Catherine! This helps me to feel comfortable. Rashenda

What I was dealing with wasn’t a GP problem – it was very much a mental thing. I don’t think a GP wouldn’t have been able to help me. David

Q: Have you tried any treatments previously to map health solutions? Which ones?

  • I’ve seen Healthy Minds (and I’ve had CBT with them). Georgina
  • Just normal counselling – talking to someone face to face (not CBT). I had also been on anti-depressants. Sarah
  • I’ve seen a counsellor before. Georgia
  • I’ve had treatment with counselling before in hospital. Donna
  • I used to go to a mental health group with other mums who had mental health issues. Jo
  • I’ve seen Healthy Minds. Theresa

Q: Was working with map health solutions different from being involved with other treatment plans? How so?

It was physical as well as just talking. Catherine also taught me tapping which is just incredible. Sarah

When I was in hospital, I felt like I had to be there, but being with Catherine, you’re not pressured at all, and you can talk in your own time. If you don’t feel comfortable, you can walk out of the room at any time, whereas in the hospital you can’t do that. I also needed a coping mechanism to help me relieve any anger or pressure that I’ve put on myself – Catherine taught me tapping which has really helped me. Donna

I’ve seen Healthy Minds, but after my first session, I heard back from someone else that they’d spoken about me. With Catherine, I know what we talk about is confidential. Theresa

Q: Has working with map health solutions changed something in your life? If so, what?

Most definitely! Thanks to Catherine, I’ve accepted that I need to look after myself a lot more. I now exercise – I go running twice a week, I eat better, and understand that I have needs as much as the children do and that I need to look after me to be better for them. Georgina

The thing that really stands out is that my confidence has absolutely soared – that’s helped in many many ways. I am now far more comfortable speaking to other people, and find it easier to make friends. Sarah

Yes, it has enabled me to release the past and not to be stuck in the past anymore. I now think of the good things, not the bad things. Jo

Working with Catherine has changed my way of seeing my past, so I’m not angry anymore. I haven’t forgiven or forgotten what happened, but it has removed the emotion and the anger so I can get on with my everyday life. It was the tapping that really helped me. It just went. I was dubious at first, but I tried it, but all that anger and emotion just went….. I’m able to talk about what happened now….. Donna

My energy levels have gone up! Catherine also explained things so that I understood how I was actually feeling, and now I don’t give myself such a hard time. It’s a good feeling. Theresa

I recently lost my mum, I was very, very close….and at the time there was a lot of emotion that it’s hard to understand yourself. Speaking to someone who’s not judgemental really helped, I didn’t feel like I was being labelled. Anne-Marie

My tapping – it strips off your negative energy. Catherine gave me techniques I can use in my everyday life. Anne-Marie

Yes, Catherine has shown me techniques. I had problems with one of my boys – not doing as he was told, back answering, but Catherine taught me some techniques and he’s a lot calmer now. Rashenda

I’m at Uni and I was having panic attacks – there were a lot of issues, but now they aren’t a problem at all. Definitely speaking to her helped me a lot. David

Q: What did you think of map health solutions’ emphasis on a physical aspect to treatment?

I think it’s amazing. I know exercise has always made me feel so much better. Nutrition can also have such an effect on the way you’re feeling – it’s just incredible. Also, simple things like posture, sitting up straight rather than slumping over. Sarah

I think it’s a good thing – it’s a one-stop-shop. Theresa

A great idea. For example, if you’re tired all the time, there could be other reasons for this. Rashenda

Q: What does a session with map health solutions look like?

Enjoyable, educational and enticing (you want to be involved). Donna

It’s very relaxed, and we can get things off our chest if we want to. Theresa

Q: Would you recommend map health solutions to family/friends?

I would definitely recommend Catherine! Georgina

N.B. everyone interviewed said they would definitely recommend Catherine.

Q: Briefly, how would you describe map health solutions as a company?

Definitely powerful. It’s time-out for me to look at myself from a different point of view. We’re all so busy in our lives that we don’t have time to look at ourselves. It’s definitely a relaxed environment, and Catherine’s sessions are very personal to me. She has really taken the time to get to know me, and how I work. Georgina

Magical! Because I never thought I would feel like this again. A miracle! Sarah

Powerful. Like a healing sensation. Theresa

Reliable and self-motivating. Pippa

Definitely eye-opening. Sometimes when I come to see Catherine, I haven’t realised how much I’ve pushed things aside. When you speak to Catherine you can let it all out and you feel like you’ve off-loaded everything – things you didn’t even know where there, emotions you didn’t even know you could feel. Anne-Marie

Catherine is very approachable, easy to talk to and grounded. David

Q: How did it feel working with map health solutions?

Very relaxed, and non-judgemental. Catherine feels more like a friend so working with her is very calming, relaxed and friendly. I love the way I feel at the end of a session with her. Sarah

Safe and reassuring. Sometimes it can be really emotional, but it’s never bad. Anne-Marie

Calming. And by the end of the sessions, I feel really motivated. Rashenda

Very easy. Very relaxed. David

Q: How would you describe working with map health solutions?

Uplifting to know that there is someone there to talk to. I feel safe and comfortable, but the best part is when you leave the room – you feel uplifted. Donna

Safe and calming. Rashenda

Q: Now that you’ve experienced map health solutions’ programme, what is the first thing that comes into your mind when I say, “map health solutions”?

Mind and body. Georgina

Upbeat. Sarah

Lovely. Georgia

Lovely, friendly, reliable and grounded. Jo

Life changing. And to know that you’ve got that support and that you’ve got someone to talk to. And that type of thing is life changing. Donna

Beyond fascinating. Even Catherine’s voice is so settling! Theresa

Amazing, helpful, putting stuff into perspective for me. Rashenda

Relaxed, grounded. David