Functional tests investigate how your body is functioning and can identify underlying causes for health challenges that you are facing.

By looking at the results of the tests chosen in combination with your health history, nutrition and lifestyle we can draw a more complete picture of the cause of your health problems. They are a starting point for rebalancing the body both mentally and physically.

Importantly, functional tests identify and measure how the body is functioning, rather than simply addressing the symptoms of a problem.

These are only suggested if you are still feeling exhausted and unhealthy after you have Reset Your Gut, reduced your stress levels, done some exercise and started a regular sleep habit. They are always done in conjunction with a doctor, nutritionist or a genetic counsellor.

  1. Biome Testing
    a. Poo are you? Each of us contains more microbe cells than human cells! Gain an intimate understanding of just how diverse your gut bacteria really is.
  2. Food Intolerance
    a. Feel bloated after eating certain foods? Get tested for lactose, fructose or gluten intolerance to find out how to tailor your diet.
  3. Thyroid function
    a. Running to stand still? If you feel tired all the time or are struggling with your weight, it’s worth checking that your thyroid – master regulator of your metabolism – is functioning normally.
  4. Blood tests
    a. Make sure your body is getting what it needs. Vitamin D is important for bone and immune system health. A simple blood test can check your vitamin D levels.
    b. Tests for levels of other vitamins and more serious conditions such as diabetes or anaemia are also available.
  5. Genetic tests
    a. Get personalised recommendations based on your genetics.

For more details about functional tests and their uses you will be able to read Chapter 11 of my book Gut Well Soon being published in Spring 2019 directly from a link on this page.

“I checked out what I wasn’t absorbing, acted on the results and I feel amazing”