RYG is a programme to improve the health of your gut, bannish brain fog and physical health ailments. The health of your gut is incredibly important to your overall health. The well-being of the bacteria in your gut, your microbiome, is essential to everything your body does, not just for food digestion but how healthy you really are and how well you feel mentally and physically.

When your gut microbiome is balanced your mood is good, you have lots of energy and you feel well and refreshed. When it is out of balance, you could be susceptible to a variety of health issues affecting your mental and physical health.

A fecal test will show whether your microbiome is in balance and will indicate what you need to improve the health of your gut. However, if the idea of providing a sample is not something you want to experience, then we suggest you follow the Reset Your Gut programme first, www.ryghealth.com.

“Totally life changing, wish I had done it years ago”